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Junior Water Polo Tournament

Water polo is an exciting game that combines physical strength and agility with tactics, strategy, and team co-ordination.

For new players, this fast-paced game can seem intimidating at first. However, at the recent one day tournament, our Junior team worked together as a cohesive unit to display strength and skill whilst competing against high level teams.

Our team sustained a level of excellence throughout the tournament, ending in a strong finish with 4 wins against the following schools:

8-4 against Epsom girls
13-3 against Kristen
10-0 against King’s College
11-0 against St Cuths

A great coach is an essential part of a team’s achievements and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the coach, Chayten Marais for his hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to water polo.
He provided essential guidance and advice to ensure that the team was well-prepared for each game. His commitment to our Senior and Junior Water polo teams is commendable and we have all benefitted greatly from Chayten being part of this sport at Rutherford.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the tournament and for your tremendous efforts in order to achieve such success. We are so proud of everyone for the all-round excellence that you displayed and we are looking forward and excited to see more great results in the future.

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