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Junior Water Polo Tournament

On Saturday the 18th of March the Rutherford Junior water polo team participated in a tournament at Sacred Heart College. The tournament went from 10 am to 5pm and consisted of four games.

Game one was against Epsom Girls Grammar, our second was against Kristen College, our third game was against Kings College and our last game was against St Cuthbert’s.

Our pre-game warmup during the first game was four laps of freestyle, passing across the pool, and then a couple of shots on goal. We started the game with me as the swimmer for the swim-off and scored within the first minute. At half time Jeremy and I swapped, and I went in goal. We ended up winning 8-4. Next game was the same but we won 13-3, the third game was 10-0 and the last game was 11-0, it was 10-0 until Dylan scored a full pool goal. Overall, it was a great experience, and our new players even scored some goals.

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