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Keeping our cycling students safe to and from school.

Accidents can and do happen and the chance of the damage being minimised or substantially mitigated against are enhance when a correctly fitted and worn helmet is used. A correctly fitted helmet strung over the handle bars will have no impact on minimising injury, so if you have one, wear it. If you don’t have one get one.

At Rutherford we have clear expectation that all staff and students who ride bikes to school need to wear a helmet as per the laws of the land. It is also expected that students on bikes although they may not have sat the road code should abide by road rules.

In life there are some could do’s, should do’s and must do’s. If you choose to cycle to and from school and I applaud those who choose to then wearing a helmet is a must do.

The police have informed us that this is an area of pending priority to them and have given us the opportunity to reinforce this message to our students before they start taking the action of issuing tickets to those who are breaking the law and not wearing helmets.

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