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Kevin started the GO club with Ms Gerzic in 2010. It is a board game and a brain game–huge in Asia and becoming more and more popular around the world as it is being computerised.

While working as a part time GO teacher Kevin obtained an Engineering degree at Auckland University between 2011-2014, and worked as a transportation engineer between November 2014 – March 2016 for Opus International Consultants in Tauranga.

In April 2016 Kevin decided to become a full time teacher. He moved to Auckland to start a tutor company (unofficially) which he’s planning to name ‘New Zealand Mind-sports Academy (NZMSA).’ His long-term goal for NZMSA is to have not just GO, but other ‘games’, such as chess, and maths classes as well. The commonality of these subjects is that they are extremely beneficial for the development of people’s analytical and logical skills – which is getting ever more valuable in today’s society.

Kevin Liu-with his GO board
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