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Kotuku G.E.M.S (Going The Extra Mile) Girls Ambassadors Project

There is a need for change, so while traditional sport continues to have barriers because of COVID-19, an ongoing commitment to growing sport for girls is a no-brainer.

Fun, enjoyment and the social aspects motivate females, so changes to traditional structures are essential to developing new participation and leadership opportunities. Traditional participation offerings for sport and recreational activities do suit many of our students, but they do not meet all the needs of our girls.

We need to continue creating more sporting/recreational opportunities for young females in the secondary school sector. We need to find ways to ensure that sports and recreational activities are relevant and motivating for our girls.

The goal is to build confident girls, bringing out their very best self through a connection with sport and recreational activities. Sports /recreational activities provide great health benefits but much more is the ability to build confidence, self- esteem, social skills and resilience

The vision is to create a new ‘ambassadors of change’ style program focused on girls who are less active and finds ways to get them involved.

The Kotuku G.E.M’s committee consists of 10 girls and is led by two senior girls. They will be focusing on enhancing participation opportunities, which involves addressing barriers to participation. The committee will focus on widening the activities and introduce girls to less traditional forms of exercise that are accessible within the school environment.

The first step was a survey of year 9 and 10 girls to identified their needs and to design activities that were fun and non-traditional
Key principles:
1. Take a long-term approaching to engaging girls
2. Put developing self-confidence at the heart of Sport and recreational activities.
3. Recognize the power of friends to drive progress
4. Develop role models for the future
5. Empower girls to design and deliver sport and recreational activities
Our aim to develop a better ethos in school and develop girls’ self-confidence, self- esteem and self-worth in the attempt to increase their participation in sports and recreational activities.

If there is any further information you would like to know regarding the activities Rutherford can offer your daughter, please do not hesitate to contact the Sports Department

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