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Learning German by playing Handball

German Language classes and a Year 12 PE class were given the opportunity to participate in the “Kiwi Handball project” offered by the National German Language advisor Alexandra Toenings and handball coach Frank Stoltenberg on Monday.

Students got a good taste of Handball, a game which is hugely popular in Germany and other countries, while being immersed in the target language German. This way of teaching is referred to as Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) and is an approach for learning content through an additional language (foreign or second), thus teaching both the subject and the language.

Coach Frank was so impressed by our students that he decided to donate 20 handballs to our school through the New Zealand Handball Federation and is now looking for a coach for Rutherford so that our school will be able to offer that sport as an extracurricular activity.

If you want to find out more about Handball and CLIL, have a look at the following website:


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