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Level Two Geography Arataki Fieldtrip

Last week the intrepid Level Two Geography class set off on their annual trek through the Waitakere rainforest to gather evidence for their research project. The trip was blessed with a respite from the Auckland rain but instead faced a howling southerly wind that felt like it came straight from Antarctica. For the second year running students realised that teachers are always right (yes, you must bring a jacket!).

This year much of the track was closed due to the Kauri Dieback rahui and so students were unable to visit these majestic trees in person. A fitting reminder of the impact of humans on our natural environment. It came as a real eye opener that without our own individual and collective intervention Kauri could disappear from the Waitakere in the foreseeable future.

The day was a huge success, with students not only gathering evidence for their assessment but also developing an understanding of just how unique our natural environment is and how everything possible must be done to protect it.

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