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Level Two Geography Tongariro Fieldtrip

Geography without field trips has been described as being like science without experiments. Fieldwork makes Geography come to life, it puts everything into context in glorious 3D and helps students really grasp how Geography literally shapes the world around us.

Equally, field trips provide opportunities for teachers to build strong relationships with their students, and also students to bond together through shared experiences and a ‘concentrated’ experience. This, in turn, can only benefit student engagement with both the subject and the school. For many students, field trips provide those incredible experiences which are a fundamental part of their school memories.

The 7-11 April Level Two Geography trip to Tongariro covered all the components of a remarkable field trip.

Students braved freezing alpine temperatures and rain to conduct research on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu. They reinforced their geographic learning around the Tongariro Volcanic Centre through experiencing the environment up close and in person. The trip culminated in the spectacular 19.4 km Tongariro Crossing where students were taken to the limits of their endurance and bonded together in a challenge that they will remember for all their lives.

Without a doubt, this trip will long be a talking point, not only in terms of the personal experiences the students shared but also in terms of the sheer beauty of Aotearoa that they all encountered.

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