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LUV Music

For music transcends any limits on ability, nationality, religion, or language.  Is is the most magical art of communication.

Friday 9th March saw the many hard working and talents musicians of Rutherford College’s music department take on the stage of the annual NCEA performance assessment known as LUV music.  Originally beginning as a humble fundraising event to raise money for the music department it soon crescendo-ed into a night of wonder and entertainment to showcase the hard work and dedication of musicians to the public.

Music from all genres – classical, rock, pop, jazz rang through the hall and after weeks of heated and stress conflicted rehearsals, the musicians were ready to perform.  With an influx of younger classical musicians entering, many of the senior found it to be a heart-warming experience to be able to perform for the last time at (home).

Musicians all gathering for a night to perform their passions to share their story and to express what words cannot.  I think playing a piece you’ve worked on for so long, brings so much satisfaction, along with the joy of playing it surrounded by people you love. There’s no better feeling than walking off stage knowing you did well and the band did its best.

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