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Music courses are suitable for students of all backgrounds and levels of prior experience.

Music is an option subject, offered to all students from Year 9 through to Year 13. In the junior school it is a half-year course. In the senior school, as a full year course, students are able to gain credits towards NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3. At senior levels, students can specialise or mix-and-match between Music Studies, Making Music and Music Technology. Music is a university entrance approved subject at Level 3.

Tuition in a wide range of instruments (keyboards, trumpet, drums, trombone, flute, violin, viola, guitar, bass guitar, clarinet and saxophone) is available from specialist visiting teachers.

During the five years of Music study at Rutherford college students will:

  • Develop their aural skills and sensitivity to music
  • Develop their knowledge of music theory
  • Develop knowledge of the elements of music
  • Compose original pieces of music using compositional devices and elements.
  • Extend their knowledge of the development of music in a variety of contexts
  • View and critically analyse a variety of music performances
  • Develop their performance and musical technique skills
  • Have opportunities to perform to a high standard in live performances
  • Use a variety of production technologies to enhance performances
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