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My Backyard Garden Project

Sincere thanks to the volunteers who gave their time to come and help at the school working bee on Saturday, 11 August for “My Backyard Garden” Project. The working bee comprised of staff, community volunteers and students.

It was a beautiful day, allowing us to get a lot of much needed work done. Many hands made the tasks easier and jobs undertaken included sweeping up barrows loads of leaves, weeding areas, trimming flax and general tidying up.

This is just the beginning of our “Backyard garden” journey.

Also, a big thank you to Michele Eickstaedt (Sports Waitakere), Richard Carter (Auckland Council) and Brent Mags (the creator of My Backyard Garden Project) who generously gave their time lending a hand and sharing their knowledge to help with our journey.

This is a big task to undertake but one that we are all ready to take on full- force. We’ve accomplished a lot, but we still have a long way to go before we are ready to plant. If we don’t get the foundations right we will not get the results we desire.

Our garden is about our school, our community and most of all, building relationships.

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