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Natalia Noone-Jones competes at the Roller Skating Northern Area championships

The Roller Skating Northern Area championships is a competition held on the 28th and 29th of May in Tauranga. It is a competition for artistic roller skaters from the North of the country including Rotorua, Tauranga, Auckland and Hamilton including my precision group from Auckland Waitakere. Our routine was choreographed by our coach and performed like a synchronized dance to a song we had chosen. Artistic roller skating is all about skill, gracefulness, timing to music and whatever tricks you can pull off, whether it be turns, spins, acrobatics or 720 degree jumps. My team, the Sapphires, consisting of Minka Braunias, Sophie Black, Chloe Poole and myself have only been skating together for a couple of years, yet we won first place. It was out of 3 teams, and though it was a small competition, we had beaten a team at least a couple years more advanced than us. My team has qualified for the National competition in August, where clubs from all over New Zealand will compete together in Blenheim.

Natalia Noone-Jones

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