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North Island Secondary Schools Horse Trials

Over the weekend of 22 and 23 May, Elise Ibbott competed in the North Island Secondary Schools Horse Trials in Taupo as part of a composite team. Elise’s team achieved third place for Division B at the trials.

There are always challenges in trials that can only be overcome when a rider and her horse act as a team and together gain confidence in each other as they compete – and every day can bring a new challenge. Together with the individual horse and rider challenges, competing as a team is paramount for overall success. Elise was incredibly supportive of her team, performed exceptionally with her horse, and represented Rutherford to a very high standard for which we are very proud.

She learned so much during the competition and showed true resilience throughout the three days not once blaming her horse for any errors which is sometimes not easy! Instead, Elise calmly reflected on each situation, worked her way through it whilst always learning.

To come out in the top three with a team ribbon is an outstanding result and truly reflects the dedication and passion that Elise has for her sport and this experience will undoubtedly see her go forward to achieve even greater accolades.

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