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Option Week and seeing the big picture…or the next rung of the ladder

At Rutherford we have been developing Learning Journeys. These are pathway documents showing the direction past students have taken and where it has led them after leaving school.

Young people (teina) need learning heroes (tuakana) to look up to. These Journeys will be posted around our school and added to the alumni page on our website with the intention of providing current students with some insight into the journey of those who went before them.

We have a number of students who have shared their journey along with a current photo that may help with option selections or navigating the journey of the unknown for our current students.

We are hoping to build a greater number of these in the future that cover a wide range of courses, tertiary institutions and apprenticeships. Currently we have received feedback from predominantly student whose destination is University. We need a balance of former students whose journeys are different. It is helpful for current students to see evidence of success for a group of graduates who may not have had a clear plan at the end of school but still found a way to pursue their passions.

If you are, or know of a past student who is willing to support this can you please forward the relevant information to [email protected]

The key to the success continues to be that people develop their skills competencies such as work ethic, integrity and personal responsibility.



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