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Orienteering Sprint Championships

On Sunday 26th March, five determined Rutherford students attended the Orienteering Sprint Finals Championships, hosted at Long Bay College and AUT Akoranga Campus. Roma Bowers-Fleming, Natalie Hy, Katrina Koci, Connor McKechnie and Tasha Miller qualified to represent our school and the Western Zone for this hotly contested event based on their results over the course of five events held in Term 1.
In the morning session, Tasha and Connor were placed in the middle of their draws, standing them in good stead for the afternoon event. Roma, Katrina and Natalie confidently navigated the course, and completed the race proudly, cheered on by their fellow Rutherford counterparts.
Then came the all-important afternoon session, the culmination of five-weeks of Orienteering events that had prepared them for this. Roma and Connor were the standouts, and were upper middle of the draw, until the system database crashed so the completed timings were not final at that stage, so final results for both races are to be confirmed!
The students who attended fully supported each other and patted one another on the back for not only making the finals, but also turning up and giving it a go. They cheered each other on when they had completed their own circuit, and we thank them for being a great representation of Rutherford College.
Thanks must also go to Donah Bowers-Fleming for being Team Manager on the day, and to the parents that provided transport to students week after week – we couldn’t do these events without you, so thank you for giving up your time.

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