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Staff at Rutherford College are committed caring practitioners who are fully engaged in Professional Learning to ensure students are achieving to their maximum.​

Mrs J Gowen

Director of International Students
​Heads of Department

Ms J Farrar

Associate Principal & Gateway
Senior Management

Ms L Cumming

Year 10 Dean and LEAP

Ms J Sibthorpe

International Dean

Mrs J Wilson

Physical Education/Health
Heads of Faculty

Ms A Hsiao

International Languages
Heads of Faculty

Mr G Duncan

Special Education (Turangawaewae Unit)
​Heads of Department

Non-Teaching Staff

Ms J Copas

Executive Officer

Mrs S Davis

Principal’s PA

Mrs B MacKenzie

Reception & Administration

Mrs S Lakeman


Ms D Nathuran

Comm's Coordinator and Administration

Ms E Waetford

Attendance Officer


Mrs S Hackshaw

Accounts Payable

School Health Services

Mr S Ferguson English [email protected]
Mrs K Betanzo HOF English, Media Studies   [email protected]
Ms S Conde English, HOD LEAP, SENCO [email protected]
Mrs D Hatcher – On Leave English [email protected]
Ms E Hopokingi English [email protected]
Mrs A Shakoor English [email protected]
Mrs L Fraser English [email protected]
Mr C Webb English [email protected]
Mrs R Westaway English [email protected]
Ms R Ball English, Media Studies [email protected]
Ms B Kimura English [email protected]
Mrs M Twentyman – ON LEAVE 2021 English [email protected]
Ms C Payne English [email protected]
Ms J Wilson HOF Physical Education [email protected]
Mr B White Asst HOF Physical Ed., TIC Health Ed. [email protected]
Mr R Doak TIC OED, Physical Ed, Health Ed [email protected]
Mr N Mataia Physical Ed, Health Ed, TIC Sport, USP [email protected]
Mr B Wills Deputy Principal, Physical Education, Health Education [email protected]
Mr D Dunn Physical Education, Health Education [email protected]
Miss R Simpson Dean of Year 13,  Physical Ed, Health Ed, Early Childhood Education [email protected]
Ms D Power Physical Education, Health Education [email protected]
Miss L Burnett Physical Education, Health Education [email protected]
Mr F Murray Physical Education, Health Education [email protected]
Miss H Winter Physical Education, Health Education [email protected]
Mrs J Gowen Director of International Students [email protected]
Mrs J Sibthorpe Dean of International Students, ELL [email protected]
Ms A Gerzic HOD English Language (ELL) [email protected]
Mrs P Scheffer-Cosslett English Language (ELL), German [email protected]
Ms A Hsiao HOF Languages, Chinese [email protected]
Mrs P Scheffer-Cosslett German, ELL [email protected]
Ms M Chiba Japanese [email protected]
Mr J Ruha HOF Māori, Mahi a Toi   [email protected]
Mr J Gilmore Māori [email protected]
Ms S Garland Māori [email protected]
Mr T Stanton HOF Mathematics [email protected]
Mrs L Taylor Director of Deans, Asst HOF Mathematics [email protected]
Miss H Liu TIC Calculus, Physics, Mathematics [email protected]
Mrs F Bridges Dean Year 12, Mathematics [email protected]
Mr P Jefferies  Mathematics [email protected]
Mr J Brar Mathematics [email protected]
Mrs E Lim Mathematics [email protected]
Mr F Mani Mathematics [email protected]
Mr M Nola Mathematics [email protected]
Mr V Talamaivao Mathematics [email protected]
Mr P Gopal Mathematics TIC Year 11 Maths [email protected]
Mrs K Stanton Mathematics [email protected]
Ms V Le Mathematics [email protected]
Mr J Tagaloa Mathematics [email protected]
Mrs K Taula TIC Music [email protected]
Ms J Mason Music [email protected]</td
Miss T Wilson Drama and Dance [email protected]
Miss P Fahitua HOD Performing Arts [email protected]
Ms M Turner Dance [email protected]
Miss T Wilson Drama and Dance [email protected]
Mr H Thomas HOF Science, Physics [email protected]
Mr D Wade Ass. HOF Science, TIC Chemistry [email protected]
Miss S Prasad TIC Science, Chemistry [email protected]
Mr N Rossin Year 10 Dean, Biology [email protected]
Miss R Butler Shaw HOF LEAP, TIC Biology [email protected]
Mrs N Adams Biology, Science [email protected]
Mr C Cartwright Science, Chemistry [email protected]
Mrs A Goulding Science, Biology [email protected]
Mr W Allison-Maxwell Science, Biology, Philosophy [email protected]
Dr A Singh Biology, Science, SCT [email protected]
Mr M Graham Science, Physics [email protected]
Ms H Liu Science, Physics [email protected]
Mrs E Cornforth Deputy Principle, Science [email protected]
Miss E Brandsma Science, Physics [email protected]
Mr D White HOF Social Science, Classical Studies [email protected]
Ms A Roach ASS. HOF Social Science [email protected]
Mr A Simpson Assistant Principal, Geography [email protected]
Mr S Collier TIC History, Social Science [email protected]
Ms L Cumming Year 9 Dean, TIC LEAP, History, Social Science [email protected]
Miss L Bakker Asst. HOF Social Science, Geography, History [email protected]
Mrs G Balogh Accounting [email protected]
Mrs M Tipa Social Science and Travel [email protected]
Ms J Millington Social Science, Geography [email protected]
Mrs K Taula Social Science [email protected]
Mr T Calvert  Economics [email protected]
Ms L Feslier  Social Studies, Classics [email protected]
Mr P Thomson  Social Studies [email protected]
Mr P Place HOF Technology [email protected]
Mr K Gilmore TIC Digital Technology [email protected]
Ms J Hayes TIC Hospitality and Snr Food Technology [email protected]
Mr A Dodds Hard Materials Graphics [email protected]
Mr C Dempsey Hard Materials, Electronics [email protected]
Mr M Thompson Technology, Graphics [email protected]
Mr K Greaney Technology Hard Materials [email protected]
Mrs M Kopittke Deputy Principal, Technology Computer Programming [email protected]
Mrs A Jones Food Technology and Soft Materials [email protected]
Mr T Bromfield Food Technology, Hospitality [email protected]
Mrs S F Ratima Digital Technology [email protected]
Mr M Swinburn Digital Technology [email protected]
Mr S Singh HOD Tūrangawaewae [email protected]
Mr G Duncan Tūrangawaewae [email protected]
Mrs D White Teacher Aid
Mrs M Brown Teacher Aid
Mrs S Keely Teacher Aid
Mrs J Reid HOD Art [email protected]
Ms N Ivanovic Art [email protected]
Miss T Yates Art [email protected]
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