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Pasifica Year 13 S.T.E.A.M day at the University of Auckland

Fakaalofa lahi atu, on Tuesday 3 July, Maori and Pasifika students from the Year 13 cohorts of numerous high schools within New Zealand were presented the opportunity to attend the 2018 STEAM ahead Conference Day held at the University of Auckland.

This event was for students who showed in interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture or the Medical field. Four Pasifika students from Rutherford college in year 13 attended this event. Ashna Prasad, Savanna Stone-Michaels , Neru Metotisi and Helina Prasad were given the opportunity to participate in two workshops that were based around the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or medicine courses. The workshops helped to provide us with information on the courses that are offered at Auckland University in 2019 and an in depth discussion of entry requirements, admission schemes, scholarships and the content of the first year of each course.

The students spent a day on the University of Auckland city campus and got to learn the life of a university student and the difference they can make in the world. The first workshop that students attended was in Health science and Medicine where they were given an insight into both biomedical science and health science courses with the help of already graduated and studying medical students. The second workshops that students from Rutherford attended was in Business studies or the art field. The students were given the options of workshops that best suited their interest and ambitions in academic areas and allowed them to freely meet new faces of year 13 students who shared these same interests.

We finished the day off with a real-life lecture by Dr Sue McGlashan on the respiratory system giving the students an idea of the university classroom and a little snippet of the environment of a small lecture. We were invited to the discipline and mannerism of a university student, with fascinating new technology and methods of teaching. The STEAM Ahead Conference helped to guide the way of the attending students and shed some light upon the unclear aspects that are daunting when applying and entering a course at university. The experience was definitely encouraging and useful in furthering their tertiary studies and leading them to success in the future.

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