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Peer Mentoring Graduation

The Peer Mentors have had a challenging year keeping continuity and building relationships with the year 9 students during a disruptive schooling year. None the less, they have successfully achieved this.

Each peer mentoring group awarded year 9 students in their classes an award of excellence for their contribution to the program and the class over the year. These students, oblivious to them, then had to stand up in front of everyone and award the peer mentors their graduation certificates. The year 9 students were amazing and they spoke with confidence and praise for the program.

This is always a special moment in the peer mentoring journey. Watching the peer mentors graduate and witnessing the strong relationships between them and the year 9’s is always very rewarding. The year 9 students always talk about them wanting to then become a peer mentor when they are in year 12 which shows how valuable the program is in our school.

Thank you to the Graeme Dingle Foundation once again for the support so we are able to run this program year after year.

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