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Physical Education Scholarship at Unitec

On Friday 3 August, eight 13PED students attended a Research and Critical Writing Workshop at Unitec, Mt Albert. The focus of the workshop was to explore research techniques and identify viable research sources, as well as critical writing methods in preparation for their Physical Education Scholarship submissions.

The students engaged in activities with other scholarship students from around Auckland. They found the workshop beneficial for their analytical and writing skills, as well as gathering information relevant to their topics. This year we have a broad range of topics, ranging from the impact of economics on sport, the benefits and disadvantages of early specialisation in sport, E-sports: should gaming be considered a sport, and equity in pathways through sporting channels.

The students are working hard on these research papers now, with their final submissions due on 31 October.

Physical Education (PED) in year 13 provides opportunities for students to participate in the scholarship module. It is an extra external assessment (written report) that students can choose to be part of. The rewards of this module include monetary rewards if students are successful, as well as the intangible gains in critical thinking, researching, coherent and concise report writing, and time management.

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