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Polyfest 2022 – Niue Speech Competition

On Saturday 26th March at the Manukau Sports Bowl, Ola Grace Viviani participated in the Niue Speech Competition at Polyfest 2022, to a limited live and much larger online audience.  This year was quite different from previous years, but it didn’t take away from her heartfelt presentation. Her topic, Ko e vagahau ko e haaku a fakaveaga – My language is my strength, allowed her to share the significance of Vagahau Niue (Niue language) and the role it plays not only for Ola Grace but for many Niuean. Her energy and effort saw her placed 2nd in the Junior Girls category. Here’s what she has to say about her experience:

“Taking part in Polyfest 2022 was a fun but great opportunity to embrace and share what my language meant to me. The experience went extremely well and I believe it was like that for the other students too. It was both nerve wracking yet exciting to stand on behalf of Rutherford College and compete against other schools for the first time. It brought mixed feelings and I couldn’t tell whether I was scared, nervous, confused or happy. But as soon as I started speaking all of those feelings drifted away and it was only the microphone, my language and I. By the end I was both happy and relieved as it took a great deal of courage to stand up in front of others. I’d like to thank Miss Hopokingi for her help in making sure I was comfortable with my speech.”Fakaue lahi Rutherford College ke maeke au ke taute he aho tala fetoko Polyfest 2022! Kia monuina.

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