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Prefects help at Team Up 2 Clean Up

Being a part of Rutherford, a college in the heart of a close community, there is often the opportunity to help out those around us.
On Sunday the 12th of March, seven of our students had one such opportunity.

Students Shelby Swan, Keira Schreifer, Lucinda Hill, Michael Robson, Luke Gibson, Ishani Kumar and Lily Carter came together to pick up the rubbish others had left behind. With the help of “Team Up 2 Clean”, the group was able to collectively clean the upper end of the Peninsula and the coast surrounding it.

The team set out into the wider Te Atatu Peninsula to devote their time and effort cleaning up the area we live in. Working along side other dedicated members of the community to help bring Rutherford closer in our neighborhood, and to clean up Te Atatu one group effort at a time.

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