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Primary School Wrestling Tournament

The Rutherford College sports hall hosted a primary school wrestling tournament on Thursday, August.

Local schools Rutherford, Flanshaw, Henderson North and Tirimoana Primaries contributed 70 contestants. Tirimoana recorded the most winners earning themselves the cup for top school and a pizza lunch provided by the good people at Domino’s Te Atatu Peninsula.

The kids were initially slightly unsure of what to expect but quickly warmed to the task and got stuck in backed by their exuberant schoolmates.
An exhibition bout was put on by national champs Tamia Gascoigne of 10PL and Kate Robinson of Kaipara College to show the primary school kids what wrestling looks like at the top level.

Many thanks to Club Physical, Steel Solar and Electrical and all the coaches and officials that helped in the lead-up and on the day.

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