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Principal’s Panui – 03 March 2023

Kia ora te whanau o Te Kotuku

Really pleased to have a full week at school and to witness the collective wairua and engagement that we want to see from staff and students.
Thank you for the attitude and engagement that I have seen inside and outside of the classroom from so many. I have seen our people displaying our school values and understanding the importance of living by a shared sense of responsibility to work hard and be kind.
This week I have visited approximately 40 classrooms and have seen structures and routines being embedded. It is these structures and routines that provide clear expectations about how we can all work together in a way, that benefits us all.
I would hope by now all students have the correct uniform and choose to wear the correct uniform to and from school and uphold the mana of the kotuku with their words deeds and actions. One of those actions is to be on time all the time.

What’s the difference between Ignorance and Indifference?

Ignorance is I don’t know what to do, so you do something wrong which is a mistake which you can learn from. Not understanding that wearing the wrong uniform isn’t about doing as your told but about respect, responsibility, integrity and striving as a school for collective excellence in how we represent our community.

Indifference is that you don’t care, you know what is right and what the expectations are, but you think it doesn’t include you. Look at the person in the mirror and make the necessary change.

At Rutherford we only compare ourselves to the best that we can be not to the best that others can be. In other words, don’t point a finger at others, to try and justify that it is okay for you to not do what’s right, because others choose to fly outside the V formation.
As we move past the halfway point in term 1, and with clear and explicit instructions being reinforced daily about the must do expectations at Rutherford, ignorance or not knowing what to do is not a valid excuse. It is now a case of I don’t care enough to listen and understand my individual role within the wider Kotuku community.

Thank you to the 95%+ of our students who are hardworking, kind, polite and recognise that it is my attitude that determines my altitude. I am seeing and hearing evidence of so many our young people with a can-do positive mindset. They are well on their way to being happy and therefore successful. There is always room to add the other 5% who are missing out.

GoodSpace Wellbeing Survey

This year we are again using a web based tool with students to survey them about their well-being.  This tool is called Goodspace.  It takes less than 10 minutes for students to answer health and well-being questions. The survey is used by the Student Services team (that is the counselors and the nurse) to ensure we are offering support to students as needed.  This is a part of our well-being plan to protect and enhance the hauora of our rangatahi. The survey begins next week with Year 10’s but will roll through all year levels in Term Two If you have any concerns about this survey you can contact our Deputy Principal Mr Simpson.

School Portal

Just another reminder that all information regarding your son or daughter can be found on the school portal. Please note caregivers need to use the magic link to sign in at the moment until our provider fixes the access issue we are experiencing. The magic link will send a code to your email account which you can use to access the portal. This is how you report an absence or organise an exit pass if you need to have your son or daughter leave early. You can use the Report an Absence option to notify us of discretionary leave such as sports trips and family holidays during term time. Use the ‘other’ option to record this leave. Having leave during term time is not recommended but we do realise that in certain circumstances it is necessary. Also available on the portal are progress reports, timetables and financial information. You can pay school activity fees through the portal as well.

Upcoming Events

9 March – School ID Photos
16 March – Teacher Strike Day – no scheduled classes
04-05 April – Performing Arts Showcase
06 April – School Cross Country

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Kia Kaha
Gary Moore

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