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Principal’s Panui – 11 February 2021

NCEA Results 2020

The results from our NCEA students in 2020 were very pleasing.  80% of students at Year 11 achieved Level 1 with 40% endorsing with merit and 20% endorsing with excellence, an overall combined endorsement rate of 60%.  Six out of ten students who achieved Level 1 did so at a high level. Numeracy and Literacy pass rates were both 90%.

Every student whether they finish the year or not are counted in this data, across Years 11, 12 or 13. Part of our role at Rutherford is to support students who are ready to transition to work at the right time and if the school has played its part in setting up the right work opportunity then that’s also a great outcome. There were a significant number of these.

At Level 2, the pass rate was also 80% with 30% of students endorsing with merit and 20% with excellence. A combined endorsement rate of 50%. This 80% pass rate represents a 15% improvement for this cohort based on their 2019 Level 1 results and although behind the national averages the gap has been significantly closed. This improvement was not due to the Learning Recognition Credits (LRC’s) provided as a result of COVID as only 12 students relied on these to achieve Level 2. At level 2 we were still comfortably ahead with merit and excellence endorsement rates.

At Level 3 the pass rate is 70% and 51% for UE. Not all students are aiming to get UE as their intent is not to go to University. For those who were striving to achieve this qualification for their future pathway destinations, we are pleased with this outcome.

At level 1 we were above national averages and decile 4-7 for overall pass rates, Numeracy and Literacy levels and endorsement levels. Maori and Pasifika were also both ahead of national and national decile 4-7 averages.  At Level 3 and UE our Maori and Pasifika students achieved at rates ahead of both national and national decile 4-7 averages.

Scholarship results –there were 19 awards in this area with the standout achievements being the four achieved by Ben Quach and three from Lara Craigie. Scholarships were achieved across 10 different learning areas by our students so there was a breadth to these achievements. Congratulations also to Allysa Karsten in Dance and Poppy Hall in English both who attained in the outstanding category or the top 0.5% of our nation’s top scholars.



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