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Principal’s Panui 11 March 2022

Kia ora te whanau o te Kotuku

I believe that the decision to run four periods a day and finish at 1:25pm has paid off. I have over the last two weeks visited over 200 classes, most of the time, just passing through to check on the learning habits and behaviours that provide the platform for a positive culture and therefore the long-term happiness and success of everyone who is part of the Kotuku flock. As a result of these walkthroughs, I further believe that not asking our rangatahi to front up after lunch with masks on has created more energy and enthusiasm for the work being done over the first four periods. Teachers are more energetic, and students even with masks on seem to be functioning better.

We will extend the current timetable process for a further week with the intention that in the week beginning Monday, 21 March we will endeavour to return to the normal 3:10 finish time, fingers crossed.

For 95% plus of our rangatahi they have been amazing, with the way they have adapted to the less than perfect start to our school year. For the most part, they have taken it in their stride and have chosen their attitude each day as “it is what it is”, and “I will strive to make the best of it”. We cannot ask for more than that. We are also working to support the mindset of the other 5% who have not yet clicked into what is required to become part of the Kotuku flock and to live and operate by our Rutherford values, our Rutherford tikanga.

We always need to be aware of what requires improvement, but it’s also very important to acknowledge those (the 95%) whose efforts to be the best they can be, day to day are helping create a positive environment. As is the Rutherford way, we will strive to be better today than we were yesterday, today, and every day and in doing so tohea, striving for personal excellence as a mantra, a value, and an aspiration remain at the core of what we try to do.

Steady as you go
How would you start a 2000 kilometre walk? Would you plan to cover 20 kilometres every day, rain or shine, hills or plains? Or would you sprint at the start, take a day off to rest, stop on wet days and wait for good weather.

Who do you think will finish the journey first? How can you start and finish the journey you are starting out on this year? First of all, tell yourself that you can make this a successful year. Because, believe me, if you do all the right things, you will finish well.

The road to your goals will always have obstacles and challenges i.e Omicron etc. Some people give up. But you know that you can find the strength in yourself to overcome obstacles, you know your teachers are here to guide and advise you, you know you are not controlled by things going wrong.

You also know there isn’t a magic solution somewhere. The solution is always in ourselves, our attitudes, our stickability, our own efforts. If you stick to your road and keep on doing the 20 kilometres every day, you will reach your destination.

Here’s a story about sticking to what really matters. New star basketball players are keen to show off their skills and shine on the court. But, at one winning team, at the first practice, the coach begins by teaching his eager players how to tie their shoes.  The new players are amazed and start to laugh but then they see that all the senior players are following the coach’s detailed instructions about putting on their socks carefully, smoothing out the wrinkles, lacing up the shoes carefully and tightly. Why? Because a big game can be lost when a player gets a blister or their shoes come untied at a key moment. The coach knows that taking care of the basics, sticking to a consistent formula and constant practice will help his players win even the most challenging game.

Reaching your goals always depends on getting the small things right. At Rutherford we understand that excellence is a series of habits, not a one-off event, Excellence is therefore achieved by taking little steps in the right direction day in, day out.

Scholar’s Assembly
The Year 11 and 12 Scholars’ Assembly videos for 2021 are now available and on the home page of our website.

COVID Isolation Notification
Finally, we have updated and streamlined our process for COVID notification to make it easier for you to let us know your tamariki (child) has tested positive or is a household contact.

Please use this link to notify your child’s absence due to COVID. You will need to log into a google account to do this. If you do not have one, your child can log in using their school account to get you access. You can also access this link at the top of our school website.

To advise us of a non-covid related absence, please follow the normal procedure, as found here on our website.

Schoolwork is available for students isolated at home on their Google Classrooms, they can email their teachers directly for support with their learning.

Nga mihi nui

Gary Moore

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