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Principals Panui – 12 March 2018

I choose

To live by choice not by chance;
To make changes not excuses;
To be motivated, not manipulated;
To be useful, not used;
To excel, not compete;
I choose self-esteem; not self-pity;
I choose to listen to my inner voice
Not the random opinion of others.
The higher you climb, the more you see.
The more you see, the less you know
The less you know, the more you learn
The more you learn, the higher you climb
The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high
And we miss it, but that it is too low, and we reach it.

Miranda Marrott

Congratulations TJ Devery (11LE) Rugby League

TJ signed a three-year contract with the Junior Warriors and is now aiming to be selected NZ age group team.

Secondary Schools Special Olympics

On Tuesday, 13 March, Rutherford College will be hosting the Special Olympics Athletics Day. we will be welcoming 230 students from a wide variety of schools. Our Junior Sports Council Students will be helping host and run the events. This is the second year that we have held the event and we look forward to another successful athletics meeting.

Cross Country

After some long absence Rutherford students will have the chance to battle for the right to earn house points and to be crowned junior, intermediate or senior cross-country champion. This event will take place starting at 11:30am next Friday, 16 March.

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