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Principal’s Panui – 13 March 2020

Ownership and Acceptance lead us towards one of our core Rutherford values of Responsibility.  In life, we cannot talk a way out of a situation that we have behaved our way in to. If we have made a mistake or failed, then the first thing to do is to look at what we did and take ownership for that error or failure and accept that you may need to do something different. Once we have done that, we take action and the responsibility for making the change that needs making. Taking this step forward is brave but also makes us feel that once again we are in control of our own destiny.

For this to work, the commitment must be a genuine desire to be better today than you were yesterday, every day. Nothing good ever occurs quickly. It takes time, both to break habits and then more time to reinforce new ones. I have a strongly held belief that when trying to rid yourself of a habit that is not supporting you being the best version of yourself that you can be, the best thing to do, is at the same time, replace it with one that it is.

E.g. if you are late often, set an alarm every night or leave 5-10 minutes earlier. Not rocket science.

In life, there are many things that we do not know how to do or have never done. If we learned to put the word yet on the end of those two statements then the attitude is already sounding like one of the most important traits we can have in developing resiliency. That is the development of a growth mindset.

Triumph, in reality, is failure turned inside out. I used to be late often now people notice me for my punctuality. I was beaten but I am not defeated. I will start from where I am today and will seek a better outcome, from that starting point. Therefore, I invite you to adopt above the line thinking. I take ownership, acceptance and responsibility for the things that you can control. Please do not waste energy, on blame, excuse and denial.


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