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Principal’s Panui – 13 May 2022

Kia ora te whanau o te Kotuku

Throughout the journey, from a fledging kotuku through to being a year 13 the objective is to have learned to work hard and along the way, smarter. Learn also that happiness and success is based on a work ethic. Great Rutherford People (GRP) will be kind and will surround themselves with other positive likeminded people who understand that not everything will be easy but they will be there for you, in the good times and the bad and understand that every day we can only start from where our feet are now. GRP’s are sincere, they have integrity, they say please, thank you, excuse me and sorry, they contribute to the wider life of the school and this great community. They start with what can I do to help. Not what can I get out of this for myself.

They will engage in above the line thinking.

Acceptance                                    Growth Mindset
Responsibility                                                 __________________________
Excuse                                            Deficit thinking or a Fixed Mindset

Rutherford graduates should understand that our daily attitude creates the person.

Na te whakaaro
Ka ora te tangata

As we think so shall we become.

Happy because you are successful or successful because you are happy. You will increasingly have come to realise that you get to choose the weather every day; I choose my attitude whatever comes my way, good, bad or the indifferent because life will throw all sorts of things our way.

Learning to see beneath the surface is one of the most important lessons in life. Sadly, some people are fooled, by big talk and media popularity, Instagram looks and expensive possessions. They forget that often the people who try hardest to impress are often the least impressive. We all know the difference between right and wrong. We see it in others and, if we are honest, in ourselves.

You cannot fake sincerity!

So at Rutherford we urge, cajole and encourage our people to be authentic, be involved with the good stuff, and set themselves up by overcoming challenges. While building resilience through adversity and struggle develop confidence in your future self. Come what may I can work my way through it with little steps in the right direction starting from where my feet are now.


School will be closed for students on Monday while teachers focus on professional learning around changes in NCEA. Some students will be required to attend if they are involved in the Red Shirt Programme.


We encourage everyone to get on board to acknowledge Pink Shirt Day on Friday 20 May as a way to stand up against bullying of any kind. Sadly bullying is still prevalent in our community especially so in the digital world. Let’s all remember that it is important to treat other people with respect and kindness everyday.

PSST Conferences

I would like to thank all the parents and caregivers who attended on Tuesday 10 May to meet our teachers. This is the first time we have been able to hold in-person interviews for quite some time and it really was gratifying to be able to do so on this occasion. I am sure as parents you also appreciated the opportunity to discuss how your son or daughter is achieving academically for this year and if necessary gained some insights  or resources to aide or extend their learning.


16-20 May 11PED
17 May 11ECO, 13STA
19-20 May 11MAT
20 May – 11MAO, 12GTW, 12MAI, 12MAO, 13MAO, 13MDS

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Kia Kaha
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