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Principals Panui – 13 September 2019

E hara taku toa

i te toa takitaki

he toa takatini

My strength is not

As an individual,

But as a collective

Together we achieve more. Surround yourself with positive, passionate likeminded people. Work hard, value acts of human kindness and develop your mana or brand image on a daily basis by your deeds, words and actions.

I believe that you all need to be wary of the mood hoovers or energy vampires that can infiltrate our lives. It’s tough enough on some days to manage our own attitude to what is in front of us without having others suck out our optimism.

With two weeks left this term please be self-aware of your energy levels and focus on the must do’s and things that will make a difference for you. Remember WINS, what’s important now. It doesn’t mean we stop valuing or providing little acts of human kindness but sometimes it needs to be that you need to be kind and thoughtful to yourself first. If we don’t look after ourselves, we are not in a good place or space to look after others.

Mauriora e hika mā           –        Good health to all.

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