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Principal’s Panui – 14 June 2019

The following questions I believe need to be answered as part of the process of developing a shared school vision of what the prepared leaver or young adult expected capabilities are? In other words, what does striving for personal excellence look like as a skill set in 2020 and beyond?

What does it mean to do the right thing when no one is watching? (Integrity)

What does it mean to work independently against deadlines and meet them with a clear focus on personal excellence? (Responsibility)

How will we create opportunities for collaboration and shared responsibility and contribution from all? (Responsibility, Integrity, and Excellence)

How will we create opportunities for increased leadership opportunities for all? (Excellence)

How do students learn and develop emotional and moral intelligence? Respect for others and self.

How do we facilitate students learning to develop resilience and build effective relationships that support the above? (striving for personal excellence.)

How do we ensure that students attain the necessary essential skills to be as life ready as we can prepare them to be?

These skills, associated values, and aspirations are centuries old. The difference is in the 21st century everyone must have access to developing these skills and dispositions.

As we navigate this path we need to remember that resilience and accepting triumph and disaster as learning posts, have always been valuable capabilities. In other words we strive for personal excellence and this means to be better than before, today and every day whatever the result or outcome that just occurred.

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