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Principal’s Panui – 15 June 2018

Last week I spoke in general terms about what above and below the line thinking means. This week I am linking this to our senior students, in particular,  what can they do to adopt a growth mindset.

We are now over half-way through the academic year for Years 11 to 13. You may not be halfway to your 80 credits or course endorsement but you need to be half way through the total mahi or work. It’s not okay to say you still have 80+credits available to get with only 15-20 credits posted if you have only done 15% of the work required to gain those credits. Something needs to change and now, otherwise the outcomes you have said you want to achieve will become unobtainable.

W.I.N What’s Important Now? Take ownership, and accept that what happens now or next is your responsibility.

Plan and organise when your assessments are due and look to take one positive step in the right direction. If you are feeling stressed about work that needs doing, one of the things you can control is to accept that the only person who can make the difference is yourself. Own it.

There are ten things that require zero talent and four of the key ones are being prepared (planning helps this), being on time all the time, your energy and effort and doing extra. This is the time of the year when you need to take full control of these.

All four of these are all in your control.

When you set certain outcomes, is what you say you want reflected in your actions? The word action suggests there is energy and effort involved. At this time of the year it requires doing some proper planning and then something extra. In doing this you will stay true to the words or promises that you made to yourself about what you want to achieve this year.

By staying true to what you say you will do you also build trust in yourself.


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