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Principal’s Panui – 17 March 2023

Kia ora te whanau o et Kotuku

Thank you for the contributions that were made to the relief flood victims’ fundraiser with Wednesday’s mufti day.
The house points generated from that event were as follows:
Tama-Nui te Ra = 697
Tane Mahuta = 534
Rauamoko = 592

Great to see everybody in their house colours for the finals afternoon for Athletics which was held in the afternoon.
The house points for athletics were
Tama-Nui te Ra = 650
Tāne Mahuta = 801
Rauamoko = 739
The Athletics whanau shield for 2023 was therefore won by Tāne Mahuta

The current house points total for 2023 are
Tama-Nui te Ra = 2686
Tāne Mahuta = 2381
Rauamoko = 2770

A Model of Human Performance

1. The first requirement needed to perform or create success is Ability, knowledge and skills. We all have these just in differing levels.
2. You then need Motivation to perform.
3. You need to be given an Opportunity to perform.
4. You need a Direction; what is it that we are striving for.

You then mark this on a scale of 0-1. You give each one 0 or 1 for each component, there is no in between.

Remember we are only comparing ourselves to the best we can be.

We all have Abilities, so I give that a – 1
I was not Motivated today or for the week – 0
I have the Opportunity to come to school and learn – 1
I have the Direction- Level 1,2 or 3 with Merit or Excellence – 1

Add them together – Total 3 out of 4
So, you are working at 75 % of your potential. That would worry me, because others are probably making ground on you.

It is even more worrying when you realise that it is not an addition equation but a multiplication or function.

The answer is 1x0x1x1 = 0

Talent and ability combined with opportunity and direction all present will provide no result. The difference creator for real success is motivation and a can-do attitude. Extrinsic motivations may get you started but what you are searching for as you move through school and life is intrinsic motivation. The fire in your own belly that keeps you focused.
There will always be opportunities. A positive can-do attitude is the difference between zero and hero. Its either 0 or 1, it is binary, there are no half measures.  Excuses show lack of motivation and looking for a way to give up. Perseverance is the key and finding something that you believe in.

Progress Reports
Progress Reports are now available on the School Portal. Remember caregivers can login to the Portal using the magic link. Click on the link and you will be sent a code to your email account. You can ‘open in browser’ for a quick access option.  Remember to download the SchoolBridge App to access all this information easily on your phone. Progress reports provide an indication of how your son or daughter is settling in at school. It does not reflect academic performance just yet. In term 2 we will be offering you a chance to meet subject teachers where you can find out more about academic achievement.

Upcoming Events:
23 March – Kahui Ako Picnic hosted at Te Atatu Intermediate School – for all whanau in Te Atatu 4 – 6pm. Bring your picnic and enjoy other stalls, games, Old McDonalds Farm, Bouncy Castle, Kapa Haka and more.
28 March – Sports Exchange at Rutherford College
4-6 April – Performing Arts Showcase
6 April – School Cross Country and end of term 1.

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Kia Kaha
Gary Moore

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