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Principal’s Panui 18 February 2022

Kia ora te whanau o te kotuku

We are Rutherford and you are part of the Kotuku. Those who are part of the Kotuku, bleed for the bird and realise that they contribute to something bigger than themselves and strive for personal excellence and strengthen the V formation. The best way to do this is to get the little things right. I invite all members of our Kotuku flock to please get the little things right that help us move in a positive direction and, therefore

I Choose
To live by choice, not by chance, so I plan ahead.
To make changes and not excuses when I make mistakes.
I choose to be motivated and make my own choices and not be manipulated by others.
I choose to pursue personal excellence and not compare myself to the best others can be only to be the best that I can be.
I choose to listen to my own inner voice of reason and not the random opinion of others.
I understand that the higher I climb the more there is to see and recognise that the more you see, the less you know and the more there is to learn.
Sometimes the greatest danger is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that it is too low and we achieve it without testing ourselves. 

Whāia te iti kahurangi , Ki te tūohu koe, me he maunga teitei (“Aim for the highest cloud so that if you miss it, you will hit a lofty mountain”)

Scholars Assembly the 2022 Adapted COVID Version
For those of you who are new to the whanau or attending your first scholar’s assembly, the purpose of this event is to acknowledge students who have achieved NCEA Levels 1, 2 or 3 endorsed with either merit or excellence. We also acknowledge today those who gained individual subject scholarships. Merit endorsed certificates will receive a silver academic Kotuku Badge and those endorsed with excellence will receive the higher award; a blue academic Kotuku Badge.

Some background on the Kotuku or White Heron and why it became our cherished emblem. In the springtime, it was not unusual to see a number of Kotuku in the tidal estuary. In Maori legend, the Kotuku guides humankind in their search for enlightenment, skill and knowledge. It is important to understand and recognise the symbolism of the Kotuku being part of who we are. Rutherford College and the Kotuku are one entity. One does not exist without the other. The Kotuku is the special, unique and rare white heron symbolising the potential of each individual student, combine that with Tohea and we have special and unique people striving to be the best that they can be.  

I chose a more traditional version of the badge when we introduced Scholars Assembly as they were the design of the original prefect’s badge. Although I believe that our current design captures the true splendour of a Kotuku in flight, retaining links to our school’s history is also critical. The blue and silver were also selected as they are the early school colours and that is why when we repainted the whole school we tried to go with something that signified that. Also at University the awarding of a blue is the top award hence why this is excellence, silver speaks for itself.

Year 11 – NCEA Level 1
A very pleasing pass rate of 70.5%, and above the Decile 5 pass rate of 69.6% and also above the National rate of 68.3%. Numeracy went back to 90.2% well above the National rate of 83.2% and also above the Decile 5 rate of 86.6%. Literacy also went back to 86.2%, above the National rate of 83.4% and the Decile 5 rate of 85.6%. Endorsements: as in past years this was our area of strength. Excellence endorsements at 24% were well above Decile 5 – 15.4% and National 21.1%.  Merit endorsements at 31.9% also above Decile 5 -27.9%.

Year 12 – NCEA Level 2
A very pleasing pass rate of 73.2%. Although not as high as the National rate of 77.2% or the Decile 5 rate of 79.4%. Endorsements: again another great success. Excellence endorsements went up to a record 21.3% well ahead of Decile 5 at 12.2% and also ahead of the National rate of 17.7%. Merit endorsements at a record of 32% well ahead of Decile 5 at 22.7% and National at 24.2%.

Year 13 – NCEA Level 3 And UE
Another pleasing pass rate of 70.7% for NCEA Level 3 which compared favourably with the National rate of 69.8% and was better than the 68% for Decile 5. The most pleasing result was the UE pass rate which was 51.8% well above the Decile 5 rate of 44.3% and the National rate of 50.3%. Endorsements: again a great success: Excellence endorsements at 21.5% above both the National rate of 17.8% and the Decile 5 rate of 13.8%; Merit endorsements at 25.2%, similar to the National rate of 25.6% and above the Decile 5 rate of 22.4%.

The following is a summary of the top award winners from today’s condensed Scholars Assembly.

Kia Manawanui Award for Perseverance, Dedication, Determination, Persistence donated by the Grace Whanau
Lily Moore

Klara Dostalikova – English
Andre Fa’aoso – English
Tiare Ngata-Aerengamate – Design
Ella Nguyen – Statistics
Edwin Schaufelberger – Biology
Hannah Taylor – Dance

Scholarships in 3 or more subjects
Zachary Sit – Chemistry, Physics, Calculus
Tony Schaufelberger – English, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Geography, Economics

Top Maori Scholars
Year 11 – Tinirau Hohepa
Year 12 – Dayton Henry
Year 13 – Tiare Ngata-Aerengamate

Top Pasifika Scholars
Year 11 – Amerika Dostella
Year 12 – Andre Fa’aoso
Year 13 – Eden Hatalafale

Year 11 Top Scholars
3rd – Ishani Kumar
2nd – Barbora Dostalikova
1st – Ella Nguyen

Year 12 Top Scholars
3rd – Angelina Dao Thi
2nd – Ann Lowe
1st – Andre Fa’aoso

Year 13 Top Scholars
3rd – Eddie Schaufelberger
2nd – Zachary Sit
1st – Tony Schaufelberger

We were not able to gather the whanau and all year levels together and celebrate as a wider Rutherford community.  It was still a pleasure to be able to acknowledge a great number of students who had strived for and attained personal academic excellence, particularly in what were trying circumstances for students based in Auckland. Very proud of their adaptability and resilience.

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