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Principals Panui – 20 September 2019

Ko to korero te kai a te rangatira
Words are the food of leaders.

We are all leaders and have choices to make with the words we choose, how we choose to use the words and the forums that we choose when we either say or write something. We can enhance our brand image or mana by remembering that if we have nothing good to say we say nothing, particularly if we have not verified whether it is true. It is only going to do more harm.

We have recently reinforced to all year levels the need to take responsibility for what you say or post by reiterating what is in our digital citizenship agreement. Integrity is hard-won and easily lost if we choose to get ourselves involved in other peoples raru, and we don’t know the full story.

Please take responsibility for what you post or reinforce online and be sure that you have more than a percentage of the truth before wading in. Enhance your integrity and the levels of respect you earn from others by choosing your words and actions carefully.

At Rutherford, we value little acts of human kindness and this means that if we have nothing good to say, we say nothing. I believe this also extends to refraining from the use of expletives. There may be a prevalence of this in use on television etc. Choosing – because it is a choice, these words as a default in the communication you broadcast lacks class and erodes your mana and dignity.

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