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Principal’s Panui – 22 March 2019


Barriers to Progress

  • Not having a work plan/goal.
  • Absence from class/ Late to class.
  • Leads to a lack of motivation to do the work needed.
  • Lack of work submission on a timely basis to get feedback.
  • False expectations of how much work you can get completed to catch up in Term 3 and Term 4, or in the last few days before an assessment is due.

It’s all about little steps in the right direction and building good habits. It’s about striving for personal excellence and being better today than you were yesterday every day. It’s about never comparing yourself to the best that others can be only to the best that you can be.

Better Than Before. What does that mean? Progress and being better than before with your habits, mindset, self- starting and staying true to the promise made to yourself when the motivation was high.

What do you need to change to get the habits of mind and daily routines to become someone who you can trust. You enhance your own mana, brand image and confidence in who you are by your daily actions.  Because if it’s just about credits at the end of this year and credits are no longer on offer what motivates you to be better than before or the best version of yourself that you can be.


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