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Principals Panui – 25 October 2019

Kia ora tatou katoa Nga mihi nui whanau

The Sports Awards on Friday, 18 October was another spectacular event.

Congratulations to all of you, for representing our school, wearing the Kotuku on your chest and getting out there and taking up the challenge that sport offers.

A special thanks to our guest speaker Ana Wilcox, an amazing young woman who through her sport and life experiences has had endure triumph and many disasters with some serious injuries. The way she shared her journey, the level of connection she had with the audience and then her humility was individually impressive, collectively they left a lasting impression on those privileged enough to hear her speak.

To our host the incomparable Neil Waka he was once again the consummate professional and we were very fortunate to have him front this ceremony.  We appreciate your mahi and how quickly you have related to what being part of the kotuku is all.  Neil, you are well on your way to earning honorary full Rutherfordian or Kotuku status.

At Rutherford, we say thank you.

Well done to Lucy Backus for maintaining in Gill Boxham’s absence the level of organisation and attention to detail, given this is your first look at what’s required it is really special. Great support from members of the Sports Committee and Captain Matai’a who knows what good looks like.  Collective effort and teamwork, you did a fantastic job to transform the hall and to provide the foundation for another very special Rutherford Awards ceremony.

A special thanks to all our coaches and managers of teams, from students to staff and to our community volunteers. To our parents and wider whanau our thanks to you, for the wonderful support that you provide for your sons and daughters and to the school.

Nga mihi nui tatou.

I love what sport offers because it has given me so much and continues to give me so much which is why I am still doing it.


  1. Creates opportunities to work within a team and learn valuable life lessons about teamwork.
  2. Teaches us selflessness.
  3. Creates the opportunity to develop perseverance where we treat triumph and failure equally, there are lessons to learn from both.
  4. Builds character, hmmm, yes it does but I actually believe what is more accurate is that sport reveals character in those moments of triumph and disaster.…. and then we can build from there.

It is about handling what is in front of you, moment by moment.

I believe that we learn what success really is. Success and what I mean by success is being better today than you were yesterday, today and then every day from here on in. With sport, we learn that there are no shortcuts. It’s about purposeful practice, what can’t I do well yet.

We all need to remember with elite performers we see the tip of the iceberg, the cycle of train, performance, review, adjust and adapt and perform is continuous, that’s the bit below the surface.


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