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Principal’s Panui – 27 September 2019

Dear students, parents, whanau and wider Rutherford Hapori,

With term 3 done and dusted and the winter months behind us, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the overwhelming sense of positivity that exists within our community. Our students on the whole are exceptional young people who strive for excellence and show acts of human kindness on a daily basis.

Once again, we have much to be proud of as our community continues to reinforce the strong foundations that underpin the wairua and awhi that permeates across and through our kura.

There have been numerous highlights in term 3 and the following are things that remind me of how we value involvement in the wider life of the school, striving for personal excellence and little acts of human kindness.

The Te Atatu Community Board of Trustee’s hui was attended by 50 of our community who give their time, energy and expertise to the Boards of Trustees at the seven primary schools, our two local Intermediate schools and of course our board at Rutherford College. A night of shared learning and collaboration.

I have been impressed by the number of students who have taken up the option of challenging themselves in ICAS or other Regional, National or International Examinations, Competitions or Quizzes. These type of challenges provide different experiences and often requires students to think laterally and to work collaboratively. One of the most notable successes was the 1st place attained by Tamati Hohepa in the Year 12 University of Otago Quiz. Well done to all those who embraced the challenge and Tamati in particular for this outstanding result.

The success of our young concert band at the KBB Music Festival in securing a bronze medal. What is more impressive is the growth and development that has been evident in this group as they have strived for personal excellence throughout the year.

Rutherford Day and in particular our guest speaker Hilary Barry and the performances of our Dance Students, Te Kotuku and our musicians.

The participation and success of so many of our sports teams throughout the season. For some that success has resulted in the winning of trophies, medals or certificates. For nearly all they have learned that winning is being better today than you were yesterday and that through participating and contributing and working with others, the sense of belonging and enjoyment you get is often a reflection of the effort you put in. The more discretionary effort tapped into the greater the chance of higher levels of intrinsic satisfaction and reward.

Studio show 2 hosted at TAPAC where the range of talent, energy and the spirit that exists to support the work of our students within and across our community. The performance from our dance students as we have come to expect was outstanding. What is equally as noticeable is the support that the Tuakana, staff and whanau provide to the next wave of eager and enthusiastic group who want to follow in the footsteps of what has gone before.

The Te Atatu Community of Learning Expo where the Year 8’s from both Te Atatu and Rangeview Intermediates were hosted at Rutherford alongside our Year 9 and 10 student leaders to have the opportunity to learn more about what jobs or pathways are available to them. This was a huge success and highlights the progress that has been made within the COL of our local schools working together with a common purpose.

Re-roofing and upgrade work to both the existing School Administration Building and the Hall. This is part of the process to shift the staffroom to the existing administration area and to relocate drama to the existing staffroom to bring all the performing arts into a united area.

The consultation process has started for the new administration build. There will be a follow up consultation evening in term 4 after seniors leave and award ceremony evenings have concluded.

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