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Principal’s Panui – 2nd March

We are officially half way through Term 1 and it has been a busy term so far. Next week we have our ATOM Conferences on Monday, 5 March and Tuesday, 6 March. Please note that school is closed on Monday from 1pm and all of Tuesday while the conferences are happening. On Monday, all bus services have been rearranged to depart at 1:10pm with the exception of the 013 service which will depart at the usual time of 3:10pm. Please direct any queries of comments regarding the 013 bus service to either Auckland Transport of Pavlovich Bus Company.

ATOM conferences are a Parent-Teacher-Student conference where the aim is for parents, student and the Tutor Teacher to collaborate on reviewing 2017, set objectives for 2018, develop goals for those objectives, select strategies to support those goals and ways of following up what is decided.

The timing of the conference is to allow more collaboration with parents in this vital early part of the year. Likewise in 2018 we will be giving the students more responsibility within those conferences through the use of the student portal. It is vitally important that you are at the conference so that you can have input into the review and the subsequent goal setting process. Research and experience tells us student progress is optimised when students, parents/caregivers and the school work closely together.

To book please log into and enter the password xdgwb. Bookings close 9am Monday morning.

At Rutherford we believe in working together as a community for the good of all.

We are Rutherford can be highlighted by the following story about geese.


When you see geese flying along in ‘V’ formation, you might consider what science has discovered about why they fly that way.  As each bird flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for the bird immediately following.  By flying in a ‘V’ formation, the whole flock adds at least 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own.

People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going more quickly and easily because they are travelling with the support of one another.

When a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go it alone and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front.  If we had as much sense as a goose, we will stay in formation with those people who are headed the same way we are.

When the head goose gets tired, it rotates back in the wing and another goose flies point.

It is sensible to take turns doing demanding jobs, whether with people or with geese flying south.  Geese honk from behind to encourage those up front and to keep up their speed.  What messages of support do we give out?

As part of the Rutherford community there is sense of belonging to something bigger than just ourselves. This extends into the wider Te Atatu and West Auckland Community as well.

At Rutherford we are part of the Kotuku and we aren’t that fond of peacocks trying to stand out for all the wrong reasons.  We value people working hard, being kind and knowing that if we do this consistently, good things happen. What can you do well, you can be expected to be on time to class all the time so you don’t affect others ability to learn.

You can wear your uniform well and with pride, we can make an extra effort to keep our environment clean and tidy, and I would expect that you would help out around the house.


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