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Principal’s Panui – 3 May (PPTA Industrial Action)

Kia ora te whanau o te kotuku

PPTA Industrial: Rostering Home

Rostering home starts tomorrow – Thursday 4 May.
All Year 11 students are rostered home tomorrow. This means that although there will be no classes for Year 11 students tomorrow, they can still attend PSST conferences with you from 2pm onward. All PSST Conferences will proceed.  Please note: All other year levels attend classes as normal.

Some clarifications:

  • When students are rostered home for the day there will not be any online lessons provided by teachers.
  • Students repeating a year e.g. a Year 13 student doing all Year 12 subjects -the student is a Year 12 for rostering purposes
  • Students doing different levels e.g. a Year 11 student doing some Year 12 subjects will miss out on their Year 12 subjects when they are rostered home for the day but they will have the opportunity to go to the Year 12 classes on the day Year 12 is rostered home.
  • Mixed level classes e.g. Year 12/13 ADS – classes still go ahead without the students who have been rostered home for the day.
  • All students have the right to attend school on any day if their parent/caregiver registers for them to attend – they will be supervised by non-PPTA teachers.
  • If any student wants to attend school please register the details on this form. If they do attend school, they must attend for the full day. Please note they will not be having structured lessons, but supervision will be provided.

PSST Conferences
It is not too late to book conferences with teachers. Bookings close on Thursday 4 May at 9am. Conferences start at 2pm through to 8pm. Book your conference via the School Portal. To Log in to the Portal please use your Facebook, Microsoft or Google credentials i.e. email and your own password. Note your email address must match the one we have at school. If you are having trouble please read these instructions. To find the room staff are in please check here. To find the Room please click here.

There is a coffee cart on site from 1.30 – 4.30pm. It will be stationed by the administration block. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Rutherford College Administration

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