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Principal’s Panui – 31 August 2018

On Friday, 24 August we celebrated the 56th Annual Rutherford Memorial Day.  It was an absolute privilege and pleasure to have as our guest speaker Sir Pita Sharples. A man of huge mana, wisdom and a man with strong links to the west and Rutherford College.

So, why do we have a Rutherford Memorial Day?  There are three reasons. Firstly, on this day we pause to remember that our school is named after one of the world’s foremost scientists of not just his generation but of all time – Sir Ernest Rutherford, Nobel prize winner.

Secondly, Rutherford Day is a day of manaakitanga where we show our appreciation to those who have helped to pack our parachutes and have helped to make a difference to our community.  It is a chance to acknowledge and say a genuine heartfelt thank you, to those who help, and support our vision and direction.

Thirdly, Rutherford day is a chance to think about and celebrate who we are, where we are from and what we value as a wider school community. At Rutherford we understand that it is people that shape our lives, and it is people that provide the foundation for the doing of mighty deeds.

He taonga rongonui te aroha ki te tangata
Goodwill towards others is a precious treasure

At Rutherford we know this thread to mean that we value little acts of human kindness and care. The happiest people have purpose and live by a strong set of values. Your values, your ethos, build trust and confidence firstly with yourself and then gives others a reason to trust you and have confidence in you.

At Rutherford we call this our brand image.

In other words we are authentic.

We are genuine, have a sense of humour, we enjoy life and some good natured banter, we are honest, hard-working and care about others as well as ourselves.

So remember the simple threads of happiness and success, to work hard, value little acts of human kindness, build and cultivate authentic relationships. Remember nothing that will last or has great value grows quickly, so hurry if you must, but hurry slowly, stopping to smell the flowers on your side of the path. Live life intentionally, where you are connected with passion and purpose, head, heart and soul with people that remind you of What’s Important Now?

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