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Principal’s Panui – 6 December 2019

The 3P’s or Pillars of Success

I have a firm belief in establishing strong foundations and that success is built on many little steps in the right direction and adopting a growth mindset. To support this is also a belief in the 3P’s or pillars.

The first of these P’s or pillars is People:
The essence of strong foundations is relationships with people. People and positive relationships must always remain a priority and are an integral part of people being successful.

It is important to surround ourselves with people who have good gut instincts based on our Rutherford core values including the pursuit of personal excellence. Strong values are a good foundation for success and sound decision making.  These type of people will also know the value of little acts of human kindness carried out on a daily basis and will know to do so with relentless compassion.

The second ‘P’ or pillar is Passions. To fulfil your potential as a human being, to achieve your own completeness as an individual, you need to find the things that quicken your pulse, that stir your soul, and that will ultimately enrich and fulfil your life.  I deliberately use the plural: passions.  A single passion will rarely do justice to the nature of people; there is more to people than that.  A single-focus can also lead to a lack of balance and perspective, and sometimes to losing your way if that one particular pursuit or pathway is lost for some reason.

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.” This statement captures the passion, it is the fire that ignites you and keeps you focused.  “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.” It is the little things done well and done often that make the difference and that will happen where people have the passion and remain focused. How do we stay focused?

What you can do is often simply a matter of what you decide to do. Have a positive attitude backed by the third pillar of Purpose. The only way to achieve your purpose is to take small actions every day. In the end, they all add up.

People with passions, particularly when they work together create a common purpose.

Success is not a pair of socks that you put on when your toes get cold. It is the result of a long process in which three dots must be connected; people, passion and purpose. People that connect the three dots will also be those who have adopted a striving for personal excellence growth mindset.


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