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Principal’s Panui – 8 February 2019

Kia Ora te whanau o te kotuku and I would like to welcome you all and trust you had a relaxing and enjoyable break.

Welcome to our new students and whanau. The focus for Year 9 is building relationships and connections. This provides a solid foundation that will serve them well through their years at Rutherford College.

One of the important foundation stones that must be developed is Tohea, to strive for personal excellence. One of the most important things we can develop is a work ethic.  Working hard helps build confidence in your ability. One of the most important parts of working hard is turning up and this means working toward a 95%+ attendance rate in 2019. To do this typically means you get 100% in term 1. 95% attendance is effectively only 2 days off a term. When it is possible that you may have a week off in term 2 or 3 with illness, taking days off just because will impact on the consistency needed to be successful and feel connected with what is happening.

Consistency is what is important. Little steps in the right direction daily.

Turning up is the first part, turning up to all classes on time is the next step. Once there, make sure you switch on to make the most of the time. Right time, Right Place, Right thing.

At Rutherford you will learn or have reinforced that “We are what we repeatedly do; Excellence is not an act but a habit”.

Equally as important to remember is that we are all individuals. Never compare yourself to the best that others can be, only to the best that you can be.

You may not always achieve your goal at the first attempt and that’s a good thing. If everything is achieved easily then nothing is really being learned. So start early and make gradual and consistent steps in the right direction, the chances of getting to the distant horizon becomes possible.   At Rutherford this starts with building connections.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.

At Rutherford we strive for personal excellence by respecting ourselves, other people, property and the environment. Don’t sit near rubbish, deposit it in a bin. That keeps the environment tidy but more importantly it stops rubbish ending up in streams and waterways and damaging wildlife. This action has a much wider moral purpose than just locally. Think global act local.

Strive for personal excellence in the way that you present yourself. Wearing a uniform well says a lot about you and whether you value being part of the Kotuku flock. I invite you to wear your uniform with pride. We are Rutherford and we are all part of the Kotuku. Think right time, right place, right thing, make good connections and good things will happen.

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