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Reader’s Cup 2021

The Rutherford team consisted of four Year 9 students,  Kaia Evans, Ailidh Stewart, Om Hinge and Ryan Cameron. The team had to read six books and be able to answer a selection of questions about each text. The team was enthusiastic and put in many hours of answering practice questions, which paid off on the night.

On the evening of Tuesday, 29 June, they made their way with family support to Rangitoto College. Here they competed against nine other schools. Our team got off to a flying start, and at halfway were sitting at second place. However, the second round proved a little more challenging, with some very tricky questions. However, they kept their cool and finished the night in a well-fought 4th equal.

The students and I along with Linda Fraser (English) enjoyed the night. I would like to thank parents, tutor teachers, and Linda for their support

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