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Reflection Day

Supporting our Whanau
Kia ora te whanau o te Kotuku. It has been a very tough time with the passing of one of our rangatahi. Everyone deals with the shock and grief in different ways. I believe it is important that we continue to look to find ways to support our students and staff who need outlets for any expression of grief and sadness. It is our intention to continue to provide safe ways through a variety of channels to enable staff and students to feel comfortable to say or do what is needed to help them move forward, as and when they are ready and feel comfortable to do so.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the students, staff, and community for their collective kindness, caring understanding and aroha in what has been a difficult time.

What are we continuing to do?
There are four available spaces in the guidance area, for example, tutor teachers and the staff who students have authentic and caring relationships with is also a good place to start as is the Health Centre with our School Nurse.

As a school, we are continuing to monitor students and staff and have regular check-ins with close friends and family. If you are concerned that your son or daughter needs more support, please contact the school.

What next?
Reflection time

Why: for students and staff who have not had a proper opportunity or haven’t felt ready to grieve or get the first wave of emotion out of their system. The purpose is to help people who have not yet been able to take the next steps forward.

Who: Rutherford College Staff and Students only.

Where: School pavilion

When: Thursday, 16 May, from 11.00am – 1.25pm

What: There will be a reflection space with light refreshments or afternoon tea where students can write a message, say something, share a story.


  • Staff to set up the room accordingly with a photo.
  • Open it up to anyone who wants to say or write something.
  • Members of Youth Hub to attend and have information available about external support that can be offered.
  • A pamphlet with information around grief.
  • Guidance will operate as normal should students need more individualised support.
  • Four staff to be on site at the pavilion at all times. If needed they will escort any students to guidance.
  • All students who attend will have their name recorded and attendance will be updated with the code ‘I’ which means internal appointment, this will not impact on any student’s attendance record.

Throughout this process the school’s management team and Board of Trustees will be revisiting the school’s traumatic incident management plan.

The following are links that the whanau or wider community may find useful as parents look for ways to discuss challenging issues. These are a range of resources for parents who may seek advice about how to talk with their rangatahi. Please make your own decision about what is appropriate and suitable for your whanau and your values and belief systems.

0800 What’s up (08009428787) – Text or call 1737 24 hour counselling help     Contact: 0800 448 908

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