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Some of our Music classes were fortunate to have REVERE come in to speak about their musical journey and promote their album release.

REVERE is made up of family members Tatupu Fata, Seidah Tuaoi and Petaia Fata who are all ex Rutherford students! They released their self-titled album ‘Revere’ last week on Friday, 18 May. They also had their launch party at Zeal in Henderson. The album also features another one of Rutherford’s ex students Gino October.

They spoke to our students about their upbringing and how much music was a big part of growing up in their family, their musical influences and the process of writing for the album. A great Q & A session with lots of advice for our own developing student musicians.

Please support our ex-Rutherfordians by buying their self-titled album Revere – available on Spotify and iTunes!

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