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Robotic Nationals 2019

On Saturday, 23 February and Sunday, 24 February 2019, the Rutherford Robotics teams competed at the New Zealand Robotics Championships at Lynfield College.

There were teams from all over New Zealand and while our robots at times experienced technical difficulties, Robot C qualified for the quarter finals and played valiantly with their alliance robot from Tauranga Boys High School. Overall this has been a very successful season with the continuation of upskilling, getting more experience in programming and the realisation that time management and driver practice are crucial for the ultimate success. What was important was that both students and teachers had fun doing something both mentally and physically challenging.

Robot 2913A
Stefan Zdravkovic 13CH: “Although we had a bit of a rough time with our robots and didn’t quite reach the standards we wished to, we learnt a lot as always about how to conceptualise, construct and develop robots and any project in general. I’m looking forward to next season’s game where I will pass down my knowledge to the new younger students.”

Alex Lasenby 13CH: “For a significant portion of the season we were being schooled about the downfalls of using a tank drive, but apart from that our robot was pretty good. However at the end of the day we do this for the experience and to learn, so although we may not have won all our matches, it was still a huge success.”

Robot 2913C
Chris Adams 11CW : “It was fun and we actually managed to make friends while playing with and against them and overall it was way better than last season.”

Petar Zdravkovic 11HA: “During the course of the season, we have learnt and understood concepts that we could only learn in this environment. We have made new friends and I would definitely do it all again.”

Alexanda Jules Sefton Hugh Larking 11CW: “I thoroughly enjoyed my first season doing robotics. I enjoyed learning many new things and spending some quality time with the team. While I am pleased with the end result of our ventures this season, I look forward to the next season and the challenges it will present :).”

Robot 2913B
Edwin Schaufelberger 11CW: “I learnt a lot during this season, and gained experience that I could never have gotten before. It was a fulfilling experience.”

Amanda Lowe 11HA: “For my first season of robotics, it was a very refreshing experience. I discovered that robotics is more complicated than it seems. I am looking forward to the next season.”

Tony Schaufelberger 11HA: “As my second season of robotics, I have learnt far more than I could have imagined throughout my robotics experience. The second year saw massive improvements, and I hope to see the same for the third season.”

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