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Rogaine 2022

On Tuesday 12 April the beautiful grounds and surrounding streets of Totara Park, Manurewa heard the sounds of running/walking footsteps, directions and laughter as six teams of Rutherford Rogainers searched for checkpoints around the area as part of the School Rogaine Challenge competition provided by Hillary Outdoors.

The event requires teams of three or four to use map skills, fitness, and communication to find as many checkpoints as they can within a 2-hour period. Our teams ventured out in different directions, with different strategies, in aims of being successful in this cool orienteering type sport.

Utilising an app that identifies each checkpoint, one by one the teams found their way from the start line to the finish line with varying degrees of success. With automation the way it is, we were able to see that one of our team made up of Elise Ibbott, Mia Reihana, Ngaire Moore and Marissa Ogilvie finished the course in 8th place out of all Auckland Secondary School competitors! A great achievement, and an enjoyable way to see the scenery of Totara Park.
Thanks to Miss Tania Wilson for taking the group out to Manukau.

Early next term there is an ability for more teams to participate in this activity. So come down to the Sports Office, so that we can be organised and take another group out to challenge the results of this group.

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