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Rotary National Science and Technology Forum

Wow, what a blast! Rotary Forum 2018 exceeded all my expectations as I crammed meeting new people, listening to lectures, blowing stuff up in chemistry, dissecting sheep hearts and playing volleyball all into a mere two weeks.

During January 2018, I was incredibly fortunate to gain acceptance into the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum. This Forum takes place over two weeks in January and aims to provide Yr 13 youth with insight into the many career opportunities offered by science and technology. The academic modules took place at the University of Auckland, AUT and Massey University campuses and created a hands on experience as we experienced what it was like to study science and technology at the university level.

We learnt the theory behind the human heart, creating a robotic car, crystallisation, micronutrients and macronutrients,and the concepts of angular momentum to name a few. But it wasn’t all academic and lectures, amongst all the interesting workshops and tech visits, we had intense volleyball competitions between the six strong teams each night. This volleyball competition was not to be taken lightly as countless hours of blood, sweat and tears on the volleyball court at 6am each morning led to one moment, one opportunity to seize the trophy.

The thing I will miss the most about Forum is the people; the 173 brothers and sisters who were passionate about science and technology, who didn’t talk rocket science but played football together at the domain after dinner.

All in all, this was a fantabulous experience and I have made some memories that I will cherish forever! I am so thankful to everyone who made this experience so worthwhile and so rewarding! I owe everything to the Rotary Club of Waitakere for presenting me with such a fabulous opportunity to interact, learn and grow with other energetic youth!

“Lose yourself in the things you love for that is where you will find yourself too.”

At Forum, I was lost in all the vibrancy and energy but it was also there where I found a family.

I highly recommend the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum for all year 12’s looking for the best time of their lives!

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