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Rutherford College Athletics Day Information

Rutherford College Athletics Day will be held on Wednesday, 14 February.

  • Students are required to report to their Tutor class first thing in the morning for roll call.
  • Students are to sit in their designated house area.
  • If students are not participating they are to stay in their allocated area and support members of their house who are competing.
  • Compulsory for all Year 9, 10 and 11 students to participate in 1 track and 2 field events where they will receive participation points for their colour.
  • No theme but outfits for Year’s 11-13, need to represent your house and house colour.
    • Tane Mahuta Green
    • Tama-nui te-ra Yellow
    • Raumauko Red
  • House points will be awarded to the house that have the most cohesion and have made the best effort.
  • Year 9s and Year 10’s are to wear their PE uniform.
  • MUFTI to school.  No scheduled interval. Normal lunchtime break depending on if events are running on time, 1:25pm-2:00pm.
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