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Rutherford College Ball 2018

On a starry Friday evening in 1 June 2018 at 7:00pm the doors of the North Lounge at Eden Park opened to the Year 12 and 13 students. It was not hard to see that everyone had put a great deal of effort into achieving that ‘perfect look’ with the extremely elegant dresses, smartly tailored suits and spectacular masks. The students and their guests were welcomed at the top of the stairs by Mr Moore, head girl Jane Lee 13PR and head boy Reuben He 13JF.

The setting inside was magnificent with a red carpet and gold curtains at the entrance, hundreds of fairy lights were draped across the room under the high ceilings and the tables were a sight to behold. The tables had black table cloths, white napkins and surrounded by chairs of black with gold sashes. The awesome 1.5m high centrepieces on the tables had mirror or black vases with white or black feathers cascading out of the top and were surrounded by amazing vintage masks – which tied into the Masquerade theme perfectly.

After dining and dancing for a spell, our MC’s Jane and Reuben began presenting the Ball Committee Awards finishing with the most anticipated awards of King, Queen, Prince, Princess and Best Dressed Couple as judged by our guest (and unbiased) judge Mrs Moore.

Prizes went to, King – Seth Schwalger 13JF, Queen – Chloe Spraggs 13BR, Prince – Isaiyah Baker-Harriman 12AL, Princess – Emma Brown 12OF and Best dressed couple Luka Vlasic 12DO and Abby Ferrall 12OF,

When midnight struck everyone was still on the dance floor calling for more. The end of the evening culminated in two French students who had been studying at Rutherford College (and leaving the next day) singing the French National Anthem “La Marseillaise” to a round of heartfelt applause from the Rutherford students and staff.

A big thank you to the 38 staff that attended, and to the Ball Committee for an unforgettable night and arguably the “best” ball ever!

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